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ProFractional Treatment

ProFractional Treatment

Until now, the treatments for melasma, acne scars, stretch marks, etc. have always been a challenge. This has changed dramatically with the introduction of 2940nm Erbium ProFractional treatment.

This unique technology uses an ablative laser and by an equally unique way of placement of the laser, the downtime is decreased and the recovery is greatly speeded. A pixelated pattern of laser is placed on the skin where the size of the pixel, the distance between various pixels, and the depth of the pixels can all be controlled. The result is a clean vaporization of micro-cylindrical columns of tissue of pre-determined depth and width and the numbers per square inch. Only a small portion of the skin is ablated, and the normal adjacent skin tissue responds to this planned injury by forming new collagen growth. The outcome includes a dramatic decrease in acne scars, dark pigmentations and fine wrinkles.

This treatment is the latest in the Fractional lasers technology. Most of the other Fractional lasers produce columns of burnt tissue (without vaporization) called Micro Epithelial Necrotic Debris (M.E.N.D.). The body rids off this debris over the course of 7-10 days, only then can the empty spaces be filled with new healing tissue. This phenomenon produces more pain during treatment and longer recovery time.

The ProFractional treatment has none of the above problems, including the need for messy blue paint to contend with using the older technology. This yields better results in less time, with fewer treatments, and with more comfort.

Until now, the treatment for stretch marks has been only anecdotal and sketchy, with not so promising results. Recent studies show over 75% reduction in striae when 5-6 treatments are done 4 weeks apart.

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