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Skin Rejuvenation

Skin Rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation is a broad entity that can utilize various modalities depending on the type of skin, the type of problem, area involved, and the severity of the issue.

1319nm laser can selectively heat the papillary dermis to promote formation of new collagen. The treatments are spaced weeks apart and the results are subtle with noticeable changes of reduction of fine wrinkles seen in months.

The light technology using broadband light from 410nm to 1400nm, with various cutoff filters, can be used for removal of brown and red spots, and various conditions of dyschromia. Rosacea responds very well with this mode of treatment.

With the same technology mentioned above, using a particular cutoff filter, the deep layers of the skin can be selectively heated to tighten the loose collagen and to generate new collagen formation. The net result is appreciable tightening of the skin, which occurs over a few months.

With a process called sonophoresis, using the low frequency ultrasound technology, various nutrients needed for the suppleness and elasticity of the skin can be delivered trans-dermally. Research has shown that Vitamin C, for example, can be delivered to the inner layers of the skin by a factor of 40, that is 4000% percent (yes, it is four thousand percent!). Similarly, hyaluronic acid and other vital skin nutrients can be delivered painlessly and effortlessly by this mode of skin hydration. The results can be seen after the very first treatment.

Dermosonic facial, an aerobic exercise for the skin and the muscles of the face, brings back the vibrancy and tone of the skin. This is one of the more relaxing procedures to put life back to your face.

Our staff will be able to discuss the various treatment options and combinations that are most suited for your particular needs.

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